Find a way to host student app on the cloud?

One of my students has created an app in App Lab that we would love to try to share with the community at our school. However, it would need to be hosted on the cloud so that when users interact with it, other users see the changes in real time. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to go about this? Thank you!

Hi @cedgar,

Are other users changing the code itself, or are you trying to make a multi-player game? At this time multi-player games with users on different devices are beyond the scope of the curriculum but I’m sure someone in this community will have some ideas!

–Michael K.

Thank you for responding! It is more of a multi player game. I would love any suggestions on how to host a multi player app.

I’m not sure if that’s possible with the current version of App Lab, but I’m sure if there is anyone who knows how, they’re in this community!