GameLab needs the Data tab and Database API

Hi Developers,

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In the Post AP Unit in CS Principles there is a lot of cool data concepts (Post AP, Chapter 1) and database functionality (POST AP, Chapter 2) that are introduced to the kids. For my final project, I am having the kids remix their Create PT apps to include database functionality. However, some of my kids did their Create PT project using GameLab instead of AppLap.

Question: why aren’t the Data tools available in GameLab?

I mean how else are you going to keep track of all-time high scores and the three-letter high score names?

Please consider adding the Data tools to GameLab.

Thank you.

RJB 999999

Thank you for the suggestion. I will pass this along to the powers that be and see what they can do with it! It’s neat to see the innovative things the students are doing with the tools provided!

Thank you for the response.

(I meant to post this in CS Principles. Oops.)