Key value Pairs Question

I was wondering if there is a limit to how many key value pairs that can be made in

As far as I know, no.

Data Tables are restricted to 20,000 rows, with 4096 bytes in each cell, but I’m pretty sure keyvalues are not limited.

Thank you! I asked this because I was saving progress through login system in my game. I thought it would have a limit like data tables.
See my game here: App Lab -

The game looks really cool! Good job!

Thanks, I sent you a message in the game. Login with your account and press private messages. Also, how do you store key values in game lab, and how would you view them?

You can use getKeyValue and setKeyValue in Game Lab, but there isn’t a built-in browser. You can use, but keep in mind that anyone can use that to edit keyvalues.

Ok thanks. Since I want everything confidential, I won’t use that.
I have a solution to that
timedLoop of 1 millisecond, if(UserID.length > a certain number){Ban()}

Can I have the script to change userID?

The problem with that is that, in order to track which usernames everyone’s using, it has to use encoded user IDs, which replace + and / with something else, so they can be stored as keyvalue names.

If you were to do that, anyone with a + or / in their user ID would end up banned.