Answer Key for "Make your Own Wireless Hotspot Problem"


It appears that the Key and the Master document are the same.

Here’s the key:
Here’s the sheet for the kids:

If I’m just looking in the wrong places (the lesson is here -, please let me know where the real key is.

Otherwise, I’ll post my own answers.



Thank you for reporting this problem. I will report it to the team for correction.

Happy computing,


Thanks for being so speedy.

My students really like these side quests, and I do too.


Goodness! This is a great lesson. I don’ t know how I missed it when I taught Encryption with Keys and Passwords. Definitely going to use this lesson. Thank you.


Check out this online version of the puzzle that I created:

There are other puzzles that have been crowdsourced from students (click “Try Another Graph”).

Your students can create their own puzzle by clicking “Create Your Own” or going here:

They get a link to their puzzle that they can share.


That is great and super helpful. Thanks!