Answer Key for Unit 9 Lesson 4

Is there an answer key for this doc ? Usually there are answer keys that I can use with students learning virtually or in quarantine… I don’t see one for the Unit 9 Lesson 4 doc? Am I just missing it ? Thanks!

Hi @mreckling,

I don’t see an answer key either. There aren’t always plans to have answer keys for every activity guide, so this might be one of those “missing” lessons.

I’ll ask to see if it there was one left out by accident, or if it’s possible to get one posted.


Ok… thanks.
This one would be helpful for kids who at not in person or quarantined.

Hi Frank,

Where do we find the answer keys? I am just setting up the Activity Guide for Unit 9 - Lesson 7.
Seems early, but we started school on August 12th, 2020.


Hi @mschlager ,

It looks like the activity guide for Unit 9 Lesson 7 doesn’t have exact right or wrong answers - answers can vary greatly depending on what students choose. Are you looking for examples then?

In general, if answer keys do exist, you should see a blue box when viewing the lesson from the student view - they’ll also be linked from the teacher-facing lesson plans.

Thanks! Knowing that the answers aren’t expected to be exact is helpful for this one.
Take care,

Even when some answers may vary please know how much an answer key with sample answers is appreciated. Would love one for each lesson in Unit 9.

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