Any alternative to newspaper for Newspaper Tables Unplugged activity?

What kind of paper could I use for the newspaper table activity instead of actual newspapers? It says to give each group 2 full newspapers and I can’t get my hands on that many. What about copy paper (recycled) or butcher paper or packing paper from Walmart? If you think those would work, how much would you offer each group?


I may not be the best one to answer this. Maybe someone who has tried alternative can chime in. I’m sure any of those options would work, but I wouldn’t know how much to tell you to give them.

I usually do the paper tower activity, but if you try this with alternate materials and you are successful, check back in and let us know what you did so other teachers in the future can benefit from your experience!


I usually use store flyers instead of Newspaper since its a similar paper type. It takes some planning to save them though - but a few households saving flyers, especially through the Christmas season, and you’ve got a ton of paper to use!

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I imagine recycled copy paper would work fine too as long as everyone is working with the same materials.