Any suggestions for Sub Plans for teaching Problem Solving Chapter 2 not using computers?

Any suggestions for sub plans (not using a computer) would be great.

There are a number of unplugged activities in the problem solving unit … are you referring to unit 1, chapter 2?

If so, it may depend on what part of the unit you need a sub for. If you are able to prep the students in advance and can provide poster board and/or butcher paper or giant post-it notes, they could create a paper prototype of an app (see lesson 8).

If not, it may depend on how computer savvy your sub is as the content isn’t terribly difficult, but may not go over well if the sub isn’t familiar with the definition of a computer as using input, output, processing and storage.

If your students aren’t ready for that yet, maybe you could use one of the other problem-solving lesson plans from unit 1 that you may not have used (like tower building, newspaper table or spaghetti bridge).

Another option could be just to assign them to work on some of the introductory coding activities in the express course that would require minimum sub intervention. I’ve done this before as a way to prime the pump and get them ready for unit 3 when we get to it.

Hope some of this helps, but I’d love to hear what others may have done in the same situation.

Mike has several free logic problems. I printed out the logic problem, then on the back, I copied the Problem Solving Process Reflection that I use in class. I will use this format at any point during unit one if I need a sub. This doesn’t take the entire class. I then assign one of the Blookets that I have created. I have one Blooket that’s just for chapter one, then I have one that is for the entire unit. I currently teach this unit to 6th & 7th graders.

Scary Stories Logic Problem
Problem Solving Process Reflection
Blooket UnitOne_ChapterOne
Blooket UnitOne

Edit: Just saw where you said “no computer” – maybe print out 2 problems/reflections and have them work with two different partners. Have them document how working with different people effected their completion of solving the problem.

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Thank you, Mike! I really appreciate your help. This is my first year and any suggestion helps.

Thank you, jbechtel. I have used the logic puzzles, and my students love them. I also appreciate the problems/reflections activity.