AP CSP Change Log for 24'-25' school year

I see the CSP 24’-25’ curriculum is available. Where is the change log located? Thanks!


Wondering the same for CS Discoveries too?!?

Nope, I searched for the Change Log for '24-'24 before I put this question in.

Please see attached screen shots - the 23-24 Teacher Resources has a “Change Log”. The 24-25 version doesn’t.

I agree with you. I would like to see a changelog for 24-25 school year too! It is definitely not available the way it was last year.

This Medium article came up on my dashboard banner this morning - the Change log for Fundamentals and Discoveries is linked from there.
Nothing for CSP in the article - so I guess that means there aren’t any changes? I noticed “alternate” lessons at the bottom of some of the units (I think I saw it in Unit 4 at least).