AP Daily Videos

I like to use the AP Daily videos (College Board) as review or to assign if students miss class and need to get caught up on the content of what was covered in class. Has anyone mapped the lessons from code.org to the AP Daily Videos?

Thank you in advance.


I would appreciate this mapping too. If we have that please share.

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I would love it too! I was trying to look over it this weekend but it is my first time teaching this course and it is just too large of a task for me. If someone takes it on, please share. I would be so grateful!

Hi everyone,

This was requested a few weeks ago as well on this thread.

It looks like this does not yet exist, but the request was given to the curriculum team.

I would recommend going to https://support.code.org/hc/en-us/requests/new and selecting “I would like to request a feature” in order to let the folks responsible for these resources know that this is something you’d like to see.

Thank you!

–Michael K.

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