AP Digital Portfolio


Hi there:
I’m a homeschooled student and I’m starting the AP Digital Portfolio. I’m reading all the information from this pdf: https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/digitalServices/pdf/ap/computer-science-principles-digital-portfolio-student-guide.pdf

and it says the following:

You will be uploading and submitting five final performance task
artifacts via the AP Digital Portfolio, three artifacts for Create and two artifacts for Explore.

What does that mean? I thought I only work on one project, submit the artifacts of the project, submit a video, the code, and a report. Can someone help? I’m really confused. Do I submit 5 projects and for each I submit artifacts, video, code, and report?



There are two Performance Tasks: Create and Explore. The Create Task has three ‘pieces’ - the code, a video and written responses to the prompts. The Explore Task has two ‘pieces’ - the computational artifact and the written responses to the prompts.

For a full explanation of the requirements of each task, read through the Course and Exam Description found on the AP Computer Science Principles page. There is also information available once you are set up in the Digital Portfolio. I would highly recommend you review the sample task available on the Exam page.



So College Board is referring to the 5 final performance tasks as: The 3 Create task ‘pieces’ and the 2 Explore Task ‘pieces’. Is that everything that I’m suppose to submit?



There are only 2 tasks. The line you quoted refers to 5 performance task artifacts or ‘pieces’ That is what needs to be submitted on the Digital Portfolio.