AP Prep and School Closures

For any school facing school closures due to COVID-19.

Is anyone else who teaches APCSP facing school closures? The whole state of Maryland public schools will be closed at least for the next two weeks. Which puts us behind the 12 classroom hours needed for the Create Task. And college board has not acknowledged any change in due date. We cannot assign new work while we are away. We can only suggest that students work on their assignments and that they will be given time when we return. I told my students I would be available via email for any questions and I posted everything I had for the Create task for them online. I also told them it would be a good idea to work on it a little while they were away, so they would not feel rushed no matter what happens. Who else out there is experiencing similar issues?

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All public schools in Michigan are closed for 3 weeks by order of the Governor. Given that the following week was a planned vacation my school district and many others will be closed for at least 4 weeks.

We were already cutting things close to the line, haven’t started the Create yet, and now our school is closing for a week, possibly longer. We also have a planned week off for Spring Break coming up as well. There is simply no way that my students will have the IN-CLASS time needed to complete it at this rate.

Honestly, it would be completely irresponsible if AP didn’t extend the deadline significantly considering the situation.

In Missouri, it is a real possibility we will follow suit. I was planning to start the Create task next week, but I may not get the chance. With a longer break possible, I am going to suggest that my students work on it at home as well. However, they don’t all have a reliable internet connection. I’m looking for OFFLINE apps or environments they can use to work on their programming. Any ideas?

Processing will run offline on most operating systems. Some Chromebooks will not run it.

Take a look here https://processing.org/

I don’t like Processing very much because it runs on top of Java and our code.org kids are learning Javascript. But if you must be offline it will work and it is good for beginners. Go over to the UTeach version of AP CSP and there is a tutorial. Download that as pdf.

Hi @kimberly_l_gustin,

A College Board rep posted something yesterday, which I copied/pasted in this post.

Might not answer all your questions, but hope it helps. Sounds like more word will come out from College Board on Monday.


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