Out of classroom hours for AP Create

Has anyone offered out of class time to count as the 12 hours for the Create Task? I am running out of time and would be interested to know if I would offer like an hour after school, two days a week could count as the 12 classroom hours offered for the creation of the create task PT. Has anyone else done this?

@kimberly_l_gustin I have not offered this option to my students. However, I believe you can based on the guidelines in the AP CSP CED (Purple book) on page 76

Teachers may : designate consecutive or non-consecutive class hours to complete the performance task.

Hi @kimberly_l_gustin - the most important thing is that students have equitable opportunity to complete the task. This is why 12 hours of classroom time are designated. If students are not able to attend after-hours for whatever reason (job, caring for siblings, sports, etc.) this could become an issue.

A suggestion that seems to work for many teachers is to discuss with your administration holding an in-school workshop day. This could gain you the added hours necessary for your students to complete the task.

Good luck!

Thank you for the feedback. The only reason would be because of all the snow days and early release days we had in January and February has put my calendar in a tailspin. Spring break is also in April and I have several students attending an national competition at the end of April. I was also thinking about offering the time during lunch which is 45 minutes. And then a day or two after school before they leave for their competition. Because they will loose the last two hours of class time. With only 45 minute periods, it makes it a little difficult. Something that should only take about 12-15 days, turns into an entire month, just to squeeze in the 12 hours.