Hours for Create Task? Languages for Create Task?

I thought the time for the Create Task was a maximum of 12 hours. In reading more carefully, it says “minimum of 12 hours”. Is there a maximum?

Second question - what languages can students use to code the Create Task?

Thanks, JR

No max time, I believe it’s a minimum of 12 in class hours(so if students don’t have access to internet/device at home they still have sufficient time to complete it)

Programming language is any as well, probably whatever they have been learning all the programming concepts with, ex: my students will work on their project on AppLab because that’s what we learned with and for 14 class days because our class days are a bit shy of 1hr each. But I tell students if they feel the need to work on it outside class time they can. But they know they can only collaborate on code and not video or written responses

Thanks! I didn’t remember the time being open-ended 2 years ago (last time I taught APCSP). We’ve been using AppLab as well, which most of my kids will use, but I have 1 or 2 Java snobs :slight_smile: jr