APCS A FRQ Released

In case you didn’t know, the 2023 FRQ’s have been released. You can find them here.

There are several sites that will post solutions. These are not OFFICIAL College Board solutions. This is my go to.

My students were a bit intimidated by Question 1.
If you have any feedback you would like to share, please reply to this post.


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My own solutions were slightly different than theirs, but I think I achieved the same things. I agree, question 1 was worded poorly. Spent the bulk of my time re-reading that question over and over. Once I think I got what they are asking it seemed strait forward enough.

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@Mr.Rhodes - Good to hear that my students and i are not the only ones who found that question confusing. My hope is that College Board receives some constructive feedback. As you stated, there is always more than one way to solve their problems. Fortunately, the AP Readers look for specific elements in the programs (such as, did they return) instead of processing it as a whole.

Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for sharing the link to the FRQ’s from this year, Sylvia!

I also had feedback that question #1 was tricky to figure out. I have noticed that question #1 is hard to predict what content will be covered- it could be complex conditional statements, or loops that are set up in tricky ways, etc.

For this reason, I started suggesting to my students that they complete the other questions first- They know that #2 is going to be writing a full class (The first lines they write will be public class …) and so on, so start with something that will be easier to get going on writing some code. I had a few students say they did that, and were glad that they got work down on the other questions before trying to figure out what #1 was saying.

One interesting exercise I have seen people on the CSA facebook group share is to paste the question prompts into Chat GPT and then analyze the code it writes.


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@lindsay.davis - Thanks for sharing your insights.