APCSA Course '23-24


I see that the APCSA course has 23-24 in it. I am not teaching the course this year, but may teach it for the first time next year. I am trying to work through the materials this year to get a feel for what the course is about. My question is, is there like to be a 24-25 course and will it be significantly different from the current course, or are they primarily the same course, with the same activities just renamed from year to year with minor tweaks?



There is, kind of. The 2024-25 is not out yet (that I know of), BUT when it is, you can get to it by changing the data in the URL. You can use this to also go back to previous years of the curriculum. They usually have the new one out around April/May.

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Hi Daniel,
Thank you for your question! I can definitely see the desire to be able to work ahead on the lessons for a new class you are teaching next year.

As Mr. Rhodes shared, the curriculum has not changed significantly over the past few years that CSA has been a course offered by Code.org, but there are some tweaks each year. The changes are usually driven by teacher feedback that relate to the length of lessons and sometimes the order of the content, and any bugs or errors in the materials. The curriculum team releases a change log each year to detail what is different from the previous years course when the new version is released.

I would recommend working through the lessons for this year to get a feel for the course, but holding off on creating extra materials or planning things on the calendar until the new version of the course is released.

Please come back to the forum as you work and we are happy to help with questions :slight_smile:
You can also check out the professional learning page-- Code offers 5 day summer workshops and check ins during the year to train teachers to use their materials. The link is here, you can click the notify me when applications are open link midway down the page.

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