APCSA Pear Deck Slides

APCSA - Unit 1 slides with Pear Deck

APCSA - unit 2 slides with Pear Deck

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Thank you for sharing this resource!
Would you, or others checking this out, be able to share how you use Pear Deck, and what is contributes to your classroom, for any out there considering checking it out?


I am using it. I make it student paced. It acts like a journal for them. Few students who are shy, it gives them space to raise their voice.


I like the idea that students who might not want to speak out during class can contribute on the pear deck. I found during virtual school I had students participating a lot in the chat, and on shared documents. Pear Deck feels similar to that.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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@rsatija - Thank You for sharing these resources. Pear Deck users - could you all share with the forum how you could/are incorporating these into your lessons?