Slides - PearDeck (APCSA and APCSP)

Is there an easy way to access PearDeck on slides that we have? I am creating PearDeck by myself every time. I missed it in two and there is no way to return back without stopping the session. Just wondering how others are using and creating it.

@rsatija can you show me the code and which lab are you coding it on?

I m on unit 1 in both CSA and CSP. I m preparing material as for unit2 for both classes. We have amazing slides created by in teacher’s resources. I convert these slides to peardeck so all students answer there. Is there an easy way to make peardeck there?

I am wondering how other teachers are using those slides.

As I am not a teacher, I do not know where to find that in I’m just a fellow someone who is trying to help if you don’t mind send me the link and I might be able to help because I have past experience.

First link here. Slides for teachers. Slides open for me in google drive.
Thanks :pray:t2:

Which lesson are you on in the units?

@rsatija - thanks for inquiring about this. I did a bit of research and found an add-on to Google Slides for Pear Deck. Here are the steps I took:

  1. Open the slides in the teacher resources.
  2. Make your own copy
  3. Install the Pear Deck add-on if not found in the Add-ons Menu

4, Here’s a “How To” from Pear Deck: Pear Deck for Google Slides — Pear Deck

Thanks again for your inquiry. I learned something new and will definitely consider using it for my next unit.

Please let us know if your have further questions.


I can confirm that the google add on is a simple and quick way to go! It makes adding the slides in to the deck much faster than going through the peardeck website. If you are a google district, you may need to ask your admin/IT folks for the add on depending on your schools’ permissions.

Thanks Madeline and Sylvia,
Yes I do have add on to add pear deck and I have been making my slides by now adding text option in different slides.

Someone told me that pear deck was already done by so I am wondering how I can access that? As in am doing double work. Sorry, if it is not done and I got wrong info.

Unfortunately no, Peardeck lessons have not already been made by I have noticed others who use peardeck sharing them on this forum, so you may want to search for lessons before doing them! Here are a few quick searches I found:

If you make a more complete set, I bet others here would appreciate using your work as well!

Thank you so much.
I will post mine here then.

As a side note (because I love slide animations) if you want peardeck to work with animations, there is now a Chrome extension called peardeck Level Up which if installed facilitates all slide animations that you may have built in to a google slide deck.

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