APCSP 1718 lock (2018-19 students cannot access)

how can I lock APCSP 2017?? My students sometimes go to assignments on the worng year, even I didn’t assign for them.

Did you try hiding the lessons?

yes i did
and I don’t know how they sometimes get to the wrong year.

@mirtes.correa, I would suggest reaching out to support@code.org if it remains an issue. They might be able to give a little more context for the issue.

I have taught the last 3 years and this year students don’t seem to accidentally get to the 17-18 curriculum… are you using a direct link? For example, instead of telling students “go to code.org, unit 3, lesson 5” do you say “click here” and then give them an outdated link unintentionally? That is my only guess…