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Hello, I was wondering… I took the APCSP 5 day teacher course two summers ago. My school then didn’t run APCSP last year “due to covid”. I have forgotten much of what I learned, but my question is this: When I was in the course, we “used the course”. That is, logged in, and did some of the modules as if we were students. When I log in now, it still shows that progress as “complete” with a lock and a checkmark… How do I get rid of this and will it affect my ability to assign it to my students?

Welcome back, @rford ,

You are probably still looking at the 2019-2020 version of the curriculum. You can go to the 2021-2022 version by clicking the drop-down box as shown below. This will not affect your ability to assign a version to your students.

Also, CS Principles has gone through significant changes since your summer training two years age. You might find the following resource helpful: 2021-2022 Curriculum Guide and Introduction to EIPM.

Let us know how we can help!

Happy computing!