When will the New APCSP Curriculum be released for 19-20

I was curious to find out when the new curriculum will be released for teachers who are teaching APCSP for the 2019-2020 school year.

The curriculum is out. You should be able to see it when you get into code studio. The changes are listed here.

Thank you for the information. When I logged in yesterday, I did not see it. But I found it now. Quick question, looking through the information that has changed, were they not going to add information about logic gates and a lesson on hardware? I can do these myself, but that will add at least two lessons to an already busy curriculum. This was a concern as several of the books coming out for studying for the exam and others cover these in them.

I usually don’t spend too much time on it. I incorporate a couple of slides and questions in the conditional lessons and worksheets. Here is a thread [Link] that talks about resources for this topic.

I still don’t see the 19-20 curriculum yet. I see the google doc book, but not the actual website where we can go through the lessons. Is that available yet?

Go to the current version of the curriculum you are using. Click the version box next to the title and select '19-'20:

The link https://studio.code.org/courses/csp-2019 should also take you there (I think)