APCSP Multiple Choice Percent Correct?

Does anyone here have any insight at all as to how AP students perform on the Multiple Choice APCSP test? As an AP teacher in other math subjects, I have a good feel for how many released/practice AP multiple choice questions a student should get correct to set themselves up well to achieve a 5, a 4, a 3, etc., but I have no info to go on for this for APCSP. I am looking to curve a midterm exam and want to make it reflect some true AP performance. I have easily found AP score breakdowns and proportions of students receiving scores 0-8 on both the Explore and Create tasks, but nothing at all on multiple choice performance. Can anyone help?

I was actually just in a training with some of the College Board people and asked this question! My understanding is that those breakdowns for MC come out when they do a released “real” exam and CSP has not had a released exam yet…and we probably shouldn’t expect one for a few more years.