APCSP results using the code.org curriculum

So, I just wanted to give a shout out to APCSP Code.org curriculum. I followed it very closely, adding about 2 weeks of practice for the exam at the end, and my classes SMOKED the exam! THANK YOU CODE.ORG!


Congratulations ! Thank-you for sharing

Whoot! That’s great. Thanks for letting us know! Congratulations to you and your students.


17 of 19 passed. Don’t have the score breakdown, but 17 of 19! Thanks to a hardworking group and great class.

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Same here! I had 13 students take the AP CSP exam and PTs and they averaged 4.07, with 6 students earning 5’s. Great curriculum- thank you!

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My kids rocked it as well! 100% pass rate! Thanks for such a great curriculum…my kids didn’t have to cram like most AP exams. They remembered the concepts because they experienced the concepts.


Everyone is kicking butt my scores below:

Since overall, the scores were high (I think is saw 75% rate) do you guys think college board will change test next year to reduce pass rate?