Pass AP exam without Digital Portfolio... Possible?

I have two students, major slackers, that didn’t get anything turned in on Digital Portfolio. I tried to get our AP Coordinator to ban them from the multiple choice, because they already have a 0 on 40% of the exam. She said she is not allowed to do that.

So I am now for sure going to have at least two 1s… unless… is it possible for them to pass the exam without the Digital Portfolio submissions?

I know for AP Statistics (50% MC, 50% FRQ) a student who gets 80-90% correct on MC (varies by year) has already earned enough points for a 3. Very unusual, but it happens. So it this possible on APCSP since the MC is a little heavier (60%)?


@windjc Sorry for the late response. After doing some research, I have been told by a few readers that it is possible to pass the exam without doing the Explore or Create PTs but not a guarantee. They will receive a zero for the artifacts, however the multiple choice will be scored. It may take a while for their score to be posted.
I hope this provides some clarity.