What happens for students not taking the AP exam


I was wondering if anyone has had experience with students who are not taking the AP exam. Are they still to complete the AP Explore/Create task? Will they be charged?

Also, if anyone could clarify on the sources for the explore task having to be from the end of the previous academic year…what is the cut off for this??? \



All students are able to make a Digital Portfolio account and upload their tasks. Before the deadline, students declare whether they are taking the exam and they will enter their AP number.

2 of the sources used on the explore task need to be after April 30, 2017.

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Thank you very much! Much appreciated



I require my students to complete the Explore and Create tasks whether they are siting the AP exam or not.


Completing the Explore and Create PTs are part of the course curriculum for all students. If students do not wish to “take the exam”, they have that option.