Students not taking AP Exam

This is my first year teaching this course and the first year offered at my school. What do you have students do that are not taking the AP Exam during the 20 class hours for the Create PT and Explore PT? Any advice appreciated.

@crystal.dean. I have been asked this many times and its a very good question. In my class, Create and Explore PT’s are class assignments as well as AP submissions. Therefore, students assessed whether they are taking the AP exam or not. The important thing is to follow the AP submission guidelines. I do not assess the projects until my students have uploaded their projects to their College Board digital portfolio.

Thank you so much for the info. How do you have your students submit the tasks to you that are not taking the AP Exam?

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I have everyone upload the projects on the CollegeBoard’s digital portfolio. All students need to indicate by tomorrow March 14th, if they are taking the AP exam in May. After all students upload their projects, I evaluate them and provide feedback.