App Lab - App Store

A lot of my students were wondering if their app lab creations could be turned into a mobile app on the apple or android app store. Does anyone know if this is possible, and if so, how I could advise them to do it.


Short answer - no.

Currently the only way to use their apps on their phones is to use the “Share” feature in the upper left corner (where they can text the URL to a phone or copy/paste the URL). The app opens in the web browser of the phone.

There’s no feature to create a standalone app and I don’t believe the code is in a format that the Apple Store or Google Play store will accept.

I believe this allows them to make it act like a native app from a user launch and interface standpoint. I have tried this on Android and it works very nicely. Just go to the url for the App, open the menu in the upper right, choos ‘add to home screen’. This was incredibly easy.

theoretically yes, if you know how to use Kotlin (android), Swift (iPhone), or native JS (cross-compatibility), and you have a database you can connect to if needed