Extending App Unit

Hello, Has anyone extended the app dev unit to actual apps? I would like to suggest some options to my students for bringing their app ideas to reality.

Here are some examples of apps my students made using App Lab. They were actually created along with the Hour of Code in App Lab and not as a part of Unit 4, but they might help.

So your students were able to put these apps out in Google play or the App store? Thanks

The App Lab projects aren’t compatible with the App Store or Google Play. For the App Store, you have to purchase a developer’s kit (may not be the correct name) from Apple and write it in their programming language (Swift). I’m not as familiar with Google Play, I believe you also need to create a developer account with them. I have heard of teachers and students using App Inventor to make more Android realistic apps that can be uploaded to Google Play, but I don’t have experience with that.

The nice thing about App Lab is that students can publish their apps as a web app and share their projects with others with no cost involved.


For google play, they have their own SDK (development software). You can chose different languages (Java and C++ for example) and it compiles to a .APK file (Android PacKage). It even has it’s own android emulator for easy debugging. It’s called ‘Android Studio’
they have it for Linux, Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu/ChromeOs (when the linux (beta) option is enabled)

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