App Lab-clone sprites

Is there a shortcut to “cloning” a sprite ie create multiple snowball sprites or do you have to declare each one individually?

App Lab doesn’t have real sprites. Are you using Game Lab or moving images around like sprites in App Lab?

Moving images around like sprites in App Lab. Thanks.

There is no way to create new images from your program that I know of. You can create buttons from your program and set their properties to look like snowballs. Buttons can have images just like images.

The other option is to decide in advance how many snowballs you need and create them in design mode. You would hide them and unhide them. You would need to maintain a list of snowballs that are available for use and a way to make snowballs available when they are not needed.

Okay. Just checking if there was a function I was overlooking that would clone. We’ll use a list. Thanks.