App Lab Help! Memory Game

Sorry disregard this topic. I wasnt aware that I could only have peer collaboration.

Am I looking at a student program here or a teacher asking for help? I ask because I am not sure how much help a student should get on a Create Task and it looks like this account was created just to ask this question.

Until I know you are a teacher let me give some advice I think is apropriate for a student’s Create Task.

You have two onEvents for each card pair. But they are very different. Have you assumed that one card out of a pair will always be chosen first?

Think about being able to randomize which card is placed at which button so that each game is different. How could you do that? What kind of abstractions would be needed if you generate random locations for each card when the game starts? You don’t know which button belongs to which card! You never know which of the pair of cards is chosen first.

Hi! Yes this is for my create task so I understand that you dont want to directly give me the code. My teacher has been no help and this was sort of my last resort. Do you recommend that I delete all of my onEvents and try to create an abstraction that randomizes where each image is placed and then go from there?

Hi @ anonymousally, I would like to commend you on attempting to make a challenging app, but something of your interest, for the Create PT. I would recommend that you not post code here. This is a public forum and since this is your create PT, it’s security is important. Once it is publicly available you have no control over who is using your code and your ideas. Moreover, College Board’s plagiarism detection systems could potentially flag your create PT submission as plagiarized. You should be collaborating with your peers. That is the only kind of collaboration that is allowed. Here are the instructions from college board taken from page 2 of the task directions.

. @jdonwells has kindly given you suggestions, please use these as a guide and collaborate with a peer to solve the problem(s) you are encountering.