App Lab Vs Game Lab for the create task

Are students allowed to use the Game lab for the create task?

They can use any platform they want. You will need to specify all the languages/platforms that the submissions will be built with/on when you set up the digital portfolio. The code could be in blocks or text.

Is the Board thinking about any recommendations regarding platforms/languages, to lessen the chance that a student will not do their own work? (for instance, if we have used certain platforms in class, and the student submits something completely different that the teacher has not introduced in class, nor seen the student working on)

We stress academic integrity, but sometimes it’s hard to figure out if a student has done the work themselves.

I don’t think so. I do know that the board runs student submissions through a software to detect plagiarism. When you set up the digital portfolio you do need to specify the languages/platforms used by your students in the Create PT. You can let students know this and tell them it would be to their advantage to only create projects in the languages/platforms you have specified.