App Lab-type Environment for Python

I have a number of students with some prior coding experience who are interested in learning Python in AP CSP class. Is there an App Lab-type environment for Python that I could use in a similar way? Is that something that would consider creating for future use? Thanks in advance for any ideas or resources the community can point me towards.

AP CSP is a language agnostic course and the College Board allows students to submit Create PT projects based on the language of their strength. Therefore, if your students feel more comfortable creating projects using Python, they can. Please be sure to list Python as your students language of choice in your class Digital Portfolio Dashboard on the College Board site. I have listed a few python resources below. I also invite others to add to this list.

Python resources:

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If you are looking for a web-based IDE, PythonRoom is another option. I do not use the curriculum in my Python class, but I do use their IDE. Here’s a sample student project completed on PythonRoom: