App Lab Unit 5 - Transparent GIF is the problem of the bug - How to fix it?

Dear AP CSP teachers,

Lots of my students encountered the same problem as the one I posted above. While they clicked on the object (a banana), it’s not taking them to the “you lose” screen since the photo of the banana has the transparent background around; therefore, while we clicked on the transparent background, it wouldn’t take us to the next screen. Do any one of you know how to fix the problem? Thank you.

To clarify, it sounds like you’re saying the problem is the game pretty much works as expected - except when the user clicks somewhere very close to the banana (on the banana image but not the banana itself), it counts as clicking the banana instead of resulting in “you lose”.

I don’t think there’s any way to fix the problem. The closest might be to edit the image itself and crop off any margins around the banana to reduce the undesired effect, but there would still leave some “empty” transparent spaces around certain parts of the banana.