AppLab Data readRecords "like"

I’m doing this project of “School Library” with middle school and I’d need some help.
As there are many books in the library I would like students to be able to search for books based on the words contained in the title, author’s name or tags
So my question is: How can I write/create the ReadRecords terms syntax so that I could get a query like this:
“Select FIELDS from TABLE where SOMEFIELD like ‘% getUserTextInput%’”
Thank you.

The link of the project is this:

I found this tutorial Unit 5 - Using a Dropdown to Process Datasets into Filtered List(s) - - YouTube
It could be a solution, but I don’t want to get all the records on a list and then filter for those I need.
I just want to retriveonly the records that start or contains a certain text.
Tia 2 all of u that could help