Problem with readRecords / updateRecord in Voting App

I have developed a Voting App project for beginners university students using the readRecords / updateRecord function. The code I developed last year works fine:

However, when the students, who first registered in the past 9 months, try it, it no longer works without bugs:

The above 2 sets of code are identical (but for variable names, IDs), the first code works but the second doesn’t.
It seems App Lab have updated the readRecords / updateRecord functions in some way but in newer systems there are bugs. I urgently need to fix this for my students’ project - can anyone possibly advise as to what is happening and maybe suggest a simple workaround? Many thanks! :slight_smile:


The quickest way to get help with buggy behavior is to use the Report a Bug feature from the dropdown in the upper right corner of Applab.

I will also report it.

Hope that helps,

Thanks Andrea,
I have to say that was my first thought (and action!) but they sent me here…
If you could report it too, that would be great, maybe they’ll pass it on to their engineers if enough people write to them about it…
thanks again and regards, Chris

Looks like there are some typos causing the problems - compare lines 4 and 6 and lines 12 and 14.

Many thanks Josh,
I’ve asked the student to update the column names, hopefully this will solve the issue! Will let you know how he gets on…

This seems to have fixed it - many thanks Josh!
regards, Chris