Applab not saving project - Create Project

I have a student using Unit Create, Lesson 3, Bubble 2 to work on their Create Project. They are logged on to their acct from home but are getting an error consistently when they work on writing code. It appears in 1 of 2 ways.

  1. At top it says “error saving project” and stops working and hangs.
  2. They get a window pop up saying “unresponsive” that references the page and create unit.

THey have tried from multiple locations (diff wifi/internet) and seen same problem for a week now. I have worked and watched screen to see if anything obvious but nothing I can find so far.

Anyone else had similar issue or any suggestions are appreciated? None of my other students have reported anything similar and I am stumped.

@jreilly2016 I’m sorry your student is experiencing this difficulty. What browser are they using? I see your student has tired using different WIFI access points. Have they tired another browser? I would also have your student check their JavaScript preferences in the browser. It seems like there maybe a memory issue with browser being used.

Hi @jreilly2016,

Since it sounds like some sort of technical glitch, I would email

Meanwhile, in addition to Terence’s suggestions, I would troubleshoot to see if the issue is with the code itself (for example, infinite loops in the code can cause the entire browser to hang, so it’s not unheard of for code to mess up stuff seemingly outside of App Lab), or maybe the issue is with the student’s account, or something else.

Does the same issue apply to any of the student’s other projects? If not, sounds like there’s an issue with that particular project.

I would try duplicating that project (remix) and see if the duplicate has the same issue.

If that doesn’t work, I would try creating a new project and importing everything manually from the old project. You can switch to text mode to copy/paste the code, but ultimately this might not be feasible if there’s a lot of stuff in the Design tab, which as far as I know would need to be manually recreated.


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I did email with support. They think it is a case where student is using too many different screens in parallel and that it exceeds the expected number that applab was designed for. I am awaiting feedback to see if that information helped my student…
thanks for the help,


Thanks again for the suggestions. It appears the one that made the difference was reducing the number of screens, and making sure the images were deleted and then remixing the project which seemed to insure all the deleted images were really not impacting file size during a save.
Appreciate the suggestions.