Lesson 11, Puzzle 10 or even Lesson 14


I cannot access student work, not sure why; just keeps trying to load. I have restarted my computer.


Students are receiving the same error.



Did this ever get resolved? When the Lab (WebLab, GameLab, AppLab) doesn’t load could usually is one of two things:
1.) Slow internet connection (try opening other pages that require a lot of traffic like youtube or vimeo) and test for connectivity.
2.) Code.org with an issue or overload (therefore “Submitting a Bug” is the best to let the dev ops team know of an issue.

Hope it resolved and your students can connect to create amazing things!


Can you send me the link to SUBMIT A BUG please?




In the top right hand corner of Web Lab there is the “hamburger menu” (three lines), you can click on that and the 5th option down should be “Report a Bug”.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Thank you so much! I knew I had seen it somewhere before, lol.

Have a good day!