Web Lab - Err_Connection Reset


In my computer lab, some computers are receiving the message “Err_Connection Reset” when trying to use Web Lab and the students are unable to use the tool.

In some cases I use a different browser and the are able to work in Web lab and in some cases they cannot. I am not sure if this is a network issue or an issue with Web Lab.

Has anyone run into this issue and is there a work around?


Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the site. Could you tell us what browser and operating system you are seeing this problem on and we will work on a fix.



For the most part it has been Chrome and I have switched to Edge and Internet Explorer. Some students are able to connect and some are not with all browsers. I am just trying to determine if it is a network issue on my end.


I’m not sure if it’s specific to you or something on our end yet. Since this is a specific error/bug, please you send an email to support@code.org with a screenshot of the error and the browser information you gave so that the engineering team can investigate. Thanks for reporting the issue.


I’m having this issue as well the top part of Web lab shows up (directions) but the bottom doesn’t show up at all. Its blank and nothing works.


Hi Mrs. Dewitt,
Could you please send an email to support@code.org with information about the browser you are using when you see the error?


I am likewise having a problem. The students can not use the weblab area they are given an “connection was reset” error. The are using Dell Chrome books, making Chrome thier only webbrowser option.



Can you email support@code.org or click the “report a bug” option in Code Studio so that someone can take a look at it? This sounds like a problem that the engineering team will need to weigh in on.