Assigning Courses

Hello! Is it possible to manage students so that they do not jump around in the course catalog? I made a Course A section and added students, but after they log in they are able to use a highlighted link to check out and work on other courses.

Hi @sandy.daniel,

I know you can hide certain units in a course, but I don’t believe you can hide entire courses. I’ll double check with staff and post back here if that’s not the case.


Hi Sandy,
We don’t currently have any way to prevent students from accessing other courses in the course catalog. We’re always exploring additional improvements to the teacher experience, and I will add your feedback to our list of things to consider.

Ryan Sloan
Product Manager,

Yes, you can hide a course or a unit to prevent Then your students do not see the whole course.
If they do not see the lesson, how they took it.
I think you understand my mean
Hope this will help you