Atari breakout remake

Hello all,
Me and a couple friends started a little game development group, and we started with making an atari breakout remake. we titled it “Block Breakers
Eventually we started work on another game, a LoZ remake, but i haven’t programmed in a while so i remade Block Breakers. titled “Block Breakers Reloaded

all the music in both games was composed by one of the friends in the group.

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Alright now I understand why you were interested in being able to use data tools for game lab.
However there are a bunch of vulnerabilities, I actually made the highscore 99999 by simply typing saveScore(99999) in console.

You can actually take action to prevent this
Check out Creating features in gamelab

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hmm… that’s interesting.
I’m gonna try to prevent that.

Those are really cool, @kookooloopdaking! Are you a group of CSD students who made these games? A group of teachers? Or just code enthusiasts?

–Michael K.

Me and my friends took CSD last year and really enjoyed it and wanted to continue messing around with the environment

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