My student re-created Super Mario Brothers! Amazing work!



Just wanted to share…


Holy cow, this is amazing. We’d love to feature this if your student is okay with it - they’d need to publish it to the public gallery. Would also be great to hear a little about the student.


He is absolutely interested, and said he will publish it shortly - I think he just wants to make a few changes first… He is a Junior at Cumberland High School in Rhode Island, and I’m pretty sure this is his first official computer science class that he’s taken. He has been working on this particular game since we began Unit 3 at the end of December.


This is wild. I just wish I was better at playing it…


woww!!! this is incredible!


That is straight impressive!!


WOW! What a great amount of work this student did. So impressed!


Amazing! This is so cool!


This is straight up awesome! I’ll be showing this to my students for inspiration.


FYI - my student recently published this game. Let me know if you want to reach out to him for more information. This is my email: