Auto fill parameter prompt

Hey there,

I have students working only in text mode at this point. A few are getting frustrated with the pop up that happens to remind them which parameters to fill in. While it is very helpful for a function they are unfamiliar with, it is a large pop up that blocks code in the lines just above where they are working. Is there a way to turn off that feature individually?


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll forward this to the development team.

hi, @nicholsj! you can also always have your students report concerns like this through the ‘report a bug’ feature, which they can access in the top-right of the code studio (shown below).


Thank you, I am going through some of the coding lessons myself and am getting frustrated as well (with how to get around the big blue popups).

Of course, you can resize your browser’s font size (Ctrl -) to something smaller which will change what the blue popup is covering (but then it makes it harder for me to read because the font size is smaller than what my preferences are)…

So I don’t know if this is a bug or not. Maybe it is a request for making the blue popups a programmable feature for the benefit of the programming tool user.