Awesome Holiday Activity : Create a 3D holiday ornament with QR codes that link to student's animated holiday cards

Hello all!
For this holiday season I have created a week long project which required students to code animated holiday cards for their families, teachers and or friends. I began by showing them some holiday cards as inspiration for their card.
View here:

Here are the directions for the assignment that I uploaded on a Google Document for them to view:

Holiday Card Project Part 1

For this project, we will be coding an animated holiday card. You will create two cards; one card for a family member and one card for a teacher/staff member of your choice! When we finish these cards, we will create and print a QR code so that your family members and teachers can enjoy the animated cards you created!


** Begin by CODING your background! Use different shapes and colors to create your background.*
** Add at least three sprites to your card!*

    • One sprite must have random movement (this works well for snow,confetti or fireworks)*
    • One sprite must rotate on your card*
    • One sprite must move either left/right, up/down or diagonally*
      ** Use text to add a personalized holiday message on your card*

I also provided my students with a mini review sheet on how to add different types of movements to sprites.
View here:

I also utilized this project as an opportunity to teach my students a few new coding tips that we have not yet covered in the CS Discoveries Curriculum.
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I then shared a 3D Cube template with my students which they will later give to their families and teachers.
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My students absolutely loved this project. I hope your students do as well! Here is a link to a card that one of my 7th graders coded. Their creativity amazes me!!!
View here:



What a fun twist on the mid-unit 3 project! Thanks for sharing!

–Michael K.

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