Unit 3 lesson 17 interactive card help

The student I am working with is trying to get the balloons to disappear and gifts to appear when pushing the spacebar down. She can get the cupcake to work but not the others. Here is her code - https://studio.code.org/projects/gamelab/BO9Upg2313nY48Jk7xjmwRU9M1wbsXf6G_ABMCcbvk0/view.

Any help would be appreciated.

@heath.kelley, Welcome to the forum!

Did she figure it out? When I click on the project and hit the space bar, the balloons disappear and all of the other 4 sprites appear and do their thing (either rotate or randomly jump up and down).

If Iā€™m missing something, please let me know!


Yes, we figured out that she had not changed the .setAnimation for each of her sprites. Easy fix! Thanks for getting back to me here.

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