Lesson 14 - Interactive Card cannot run correctly

Link to the project or level: https://studio.code.org/projects/gamelab/YiQbKGTjE7H8Ind81Xcomccice2jaQ4nbsQSNA22xVA

What I expect to happen: Student is wanting to pop balloons 1-by-1 and then change screen to happy birthday message with different background

**What actually happens:**Balloons pop in multiples, and last one does not pop

What I’ve tried: Using example code from flowers/vase

Hi Lori,

In this case, it looks like the sprite itself (the part that detects clicks) extends out further than the visible part of the animation. I would do two things with the student. First, introduce the idea that the sprite borders can be seen with the debug property of the sprite. You can see the documentation of the debug property here: https://docs.code.org/gamelab/debug/

The student should understand that there is a difference between the parts of the sprite that are visible to humans and the actual borders of the sprite itself.

Next, you might have the student go into the animation tab and see whether you can identity any empty space in the animations that are causing the sprite to be significantly bigger than the parts that are actually drawn in. Once the student edits the animations to eliminate that empty space (probable with “crop to fit”, or manually by resizing the animation), they can check the sprite borders again and see whether they have changed.