Unit 3, Lesson 14 help

I have a student working on his card. He wants the thumb up to turn into a Thumb down then explode. We can’t get the thumb down to show up. We get the thumbup and killerqueen to disappear but not thumbup to show. I can’t look at it any longer! Thanks for the help

Try setting camera.zoom to something small like 0.5. You would see that the thumbsdown sprite has gone off boundary and isn’t visible from the camera’s perspective. It is indeed being rendered though.

It looks like they want the thumbdown sprite to replace the thumbup sprite when the spacebar is clicked, however, in that case, both sprites should be approximately at the same location (x & y coordinates). In your example, your thumbdown sprite is placed off the top of the screen. (the center of the sprite is on the screen, but in your animation, that is a blank part of the sprite).

A few things you could do.
1, make sure both sprites are originally created at the same spot.
2, use the crop tool on the animations tab to crop the sprites so they don’t have a lot of empty space surrounding them. (See screenshot below).

Because they aren’t exactly the same size, your x and y positions may be a little different, but not a lot different.

Let us know how it goes!



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