Best Way to Report a Broken Link or Other Error


If we find a link in one of the lessons that doesn’t work, what is the best way to notify you? Posting here, or via email?

For example, in U1 L10, the link to the Activity Guide for Routers is broken. It occurs twice.


hi, @will_wright! posting things like this in the forum is perfect.

WRT u1l10-- i’m not sure what you’re referencing. you can access the activity guide here (and it’s only showing up once for me):

if you can give me more details i’ll see if i can reproduce the issue you’re seeing. thanks!



Brook, thank you. I forget that those links are at the top of the lesson. If you go further down that same page, there are two broken links for the Activity Guide. One link in the details of the Activity, one in the Wrap-Up.


ah-- i see it now! i’ve fixed this on our end and you should see an update soon!