Unit 4 Lesson 13 Bubble 12



I am having trouble with certain groups of students not being able to share all of their app pages. One group has 3 students, they shared early on and added additional pages later. Now they get an error message when trying to upload the new page saying the link does not exist. Any suggestions?


If you are getting an error message, you probably want to put in a bug report on it. You might have a student put in the report from his/her account while the specific screen is open. This will mark the bug report to the specific place in which the error is occurring. Let us know if it gets straightened out.



Just checking in - where you able to put in the bug report? Or was their an issue that students were able to debug?



Tha j’s for the follow up, no we just worked around it, 2 of the 3 partners had it work fine.

Thanks again,