Binary Bracelets- Edible Edition


Binary Bracelets is a great activity for young children, however how could you stop the possible threat of choking hazards or beads possibly being stuck up a child’s nose? Here is a solution: consider doing this activity with the bracelet being a RED VINE and the beads being APPLE JACKS (which are two colors so it could represent the two different colors in the black/white bead design in the lesson.) The edible version is perfect for autumn, and reduces the chance for any chocking hazards.
This new spin was originated from The College of New Jersey seminar on 10/24/15


Great tip! I’m sure lots of teachers will love to try this with young students. Thanks!

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Large chenille pipe cleaners go right through the wrappers on Lifesavers candy. Kids can make their whole name using white and colored candy, wear it without getting sticky, and eat it later!