Bug help - extra spaces in html?!

What is going on with this student’s page!?
We can’t figure out why there is all the extra space beginning at line 17.
And we can’t find any closing tags, etc that could be missing.

well that’s because your closing tags weren’t the issue it was a missing quote for an alt attribute on an image which then messed up future formatting beyond the scope of your project

<img src="przewalskiswildhorse.jpg" alt="Przewalskis horse"></img>

this is the line i believe to only be causing you issues if you have any other issues feel free to look at my Working Demo here

Argh! We did not see that. Thanks so much!

@GordonBrune ,

I’m a little late to the game here and maybe you already fixed it, because when I open it, I don’t see any missing quotes, but I do see that the code.org editor is throwing pink error text at your double quotes which is not exactly accurate as they are correct so not sure if there is an error in the editor code or if it’s the closing </img> tags that are triggering that.

In older versions of html, the closing </img> tag may have been required, but it’s not a thing anymore and img tags are considered self-closing and using a closing </img> tag is now strongly discouraged and doesn’t correctly validate when you run it through a validation tool.

I was able to get the pink error text to go away by using single quote marks, but double quote marks are just as valid.

Good luck as usual!


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