U2L9 - broken link, not actually broken


I have several students that complete the navigation bar and the links works for getting from one page to another, but on another page (with completely identical and correct work) the link will bring the student to a completely white page. I took the code and put it in Notepad to make sure the code was correct and it is! My students are frustrated and unsure of themselves. Can someone help out?


My students are having exactly the same problem. I have checked and all the code is correct. However, they are getting a completely white page. Please help!!


The white screen problem is usually caused by some minor bug hiding somewhere in the page. Often I’ve seen this when students fail to include a space between their tag attributes. The W3 Validator is a really helpful tool for tracking down these tiny bugs, just copy and paste the website code in and it will find any errors in the code.


I would echo what Josh is saying. There are some tricky, hard to see errors that break things.

For links, lately I have had a lot of students not type the file name in exactly correctly. mixed cased letters is a big one. Also not putting in, or having a malformed end tag has been another common hard to see one.


In other errors
I have found recently that spaces between the attributes in tags prohibit things working. Like

 <img src="helpMe.jpg"alt="My code doesn't work" />

See how there is a space between the src and the alt. That has been a real pain for me lately.


Thank you everyone! It was helpful to know that spacing could effect the end product. My students have excellent working websites!


I was having the same problem and I emailed and got the following response:
Thanks for writing in - sorry to hear you’re having troubles with the site! The issues you’re running into with those links not working or showing up as blank is related to a known issue we’re investigating with WebLab, which you can read more about (including a workaround) at: https://support.code.org/hc/en-us/community/posts/115001658372-Hyperlinks-Going-to-blank-pages?page=1#community_comment_115000759232


Thank you, I will try this with my students